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I've drastically changed my figure and my energy has increased 10 fold! Brett really understands the issues that people over 40 face when they are trying to get into shape. 


His wife Giuliana has helped me with her expert advice on abs and core strength. They are both always very positive and motivating.


I know for a fact that if I didn’t have a commitment with Brett I wouldn’t do it on my own; I tried it on my own and either quit exercising on a regular basis after I lost motivation and direction; or I hurt myself from pushing beyond my limitations or trying workout programs that weren’t right for me.

Melanie  Age 59​


Debbie  Age 56​


Brett Yokley is my personal trainer and has been for the last 7 years. I have lost all the fat off my legs, butt and hips, well over 34 lbs of fat and I couldn’t be happier with the way I look and my husband loves the way I look also. I have thrown all my

“fat clothes” away because I’m never going back.

Brett’s programs have steadily increased my fitness level and strength over the years and when I have my back issues every so often he knows exactly what to do.

I know that if I wasn’t fully committed to Brett Yokley and my workout programs, I would find excuses not to go and eventually quit altogether.

Les  Age 57



I just turned 50 and I was looking through some photos of our family vacation and I noticed this guy with his belly sticking out and I suddenly realized it was me! Seeing this with my big gut just irked me; and I told myself "I'm doing something about this". I knew I needed motivation and help, so I researched and found Brett Yokley and signed up immediately. I knew I needed someone with his experience to help me.

I have been training with Brett now for 2 years and not only have I added lean muscle I am much more defined. I actually have a six-pack and that really impresses my 16 yr old Son.

Cathy  Age 57

I quit another personal trainer and left with over 4 months that was already pre-paid to that trainer, even though he was a qualified trainer, he was about 25 years old and he trained me like I was 25 years old and after 4 weeks of constant pain and joint stiffness I just never went back.


I called Brett @ BetterBodies and after going through his assessment process I immediately signed up. I couldn’t believe how much different Brett’s workout programs were, I actually look forward to going to my workout sessions.

Now my arms are strong and defined, my butt and legs have almost no fat on them now. My waist is 8 inches smaller! I’m stronger, slimmer and have more ENERGY than I had in my 20’s. I love the way my husband looks at me now, I’m confident and I look better than I ever have!

As I have lost 42 lbs Body Fat, I continue with the program with Giuliana and it seems that I also continue to improve my body and my fitness. I love the definition on my arms and my legs are getting more defined, slimmer and stronger. I have so much more energy now!

Giuliana is very motivating to me for losing the weight and staying on the workouts and exercises. She is always so encouraging and positive which always helps me.

After having 2 children I am very glad I started this program @ BetterBodies. My husband LOVES the way I look and all my friends and family all can’t believe how fit I am. I want to keep this up for as long as I can.

Gizele  Age 44​


Cass  Age 52


Before I started training with Brett at BetterBodies I was 35 lbs overweight, I had 25% body fat, my cholesterol was off the charts and I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without running out of breath.


Since I have been training with Brett Yokley my weight has dropped 36 lbs and my body fat is down to 13% and I am probably in the best shape of my entire life and I feel great.


My cardiovascular condition is exceptionally good now and my energy and endurance is basically non-stop. I owe it all to Brett and his 40+ fitness program.

My job requires me to travel all the time and when I do have time off from traveling I was just sitting at home and felt like I had no energy and I felt very un-healthy. I decided to get help and lose weight and get in shape.


I found Brett & Giuliana at BetterBodies and I saw what other women had done in a short time following their programs, so I got started with them and In 5 short months I lost over 21 lbs of body fat and now I look totally different and I FEEL GREAT!

Brett’s programs work exactly as he says; I was never hungry and I could feel my energy levels go up almost every day. Now when I am not working I am enjoying life…Hiking, biking, and going to the beach. I am very happy that I started with Brett & Giuliana.

  Eliane  Age 50


Angie  Age 52



At 51 I had just gone through a major event in my life and I knew I had to do something because I was pretty depressed and I felt terrible about the way I looked and felt.

Over the years I had put on a lot of weight and even though I had tried a lot of diets and weight loss programs, I just couldn’t lose any weightI researched and found Brett and Giuliana and the fact that they specialized in people over 40 made a lot of sense to me. I met with them and was convinced right away they were the right personal trainers for me.


I am very happy to say that since I started working out with Giuliana I have lost over 39 lbs. of Body Fat and I feel great. I love the way I look and feel now and I can get into clothes that I haven’t worn in over 15years. I have a lot more energy now. I am so glad I found Giuliana and I feel like I have a whole new life. Thanks so much Giuliana!

Brett has been my trainer now for the last 7 years and I have lost over 20% Body Fat and to think back when I started with him I never would have believed that I would have felt and looked this good!

I read the book “Strong women stay young” and I realized that building some muscle and strength was the key. I knew I needed to commit to a personal trainer in order to show up and follow the program.

I was referred to Brett Yokley from a friend, I met with him, went through his assessment process and he developed my fitness plan to target my goal. I started the next day and here I am 7 years later looking and feeling like I did in my 40’s.

I am so glad that I found Brett Yokley and hired him as my Personal Trainer. He is always so positive and encouraging and I rely on him for keeping me “Strong and Young”.

Diane  Age 66


Delores  Age 57


 I love the workouts with BetterBodies. Brett’s programs and have helped me lose over 31 lbs. I feel and look like a totally different person. My energy level is better now than it was 20 years ago and I am wearing clothes that I haven’t worn in 20 years. I am so active now that I am taking breaks during the day at work and instead of eating fattening foods I am walking up and down flights of stairs at work.

When I first began BetterBodies program I started to notice my body change within the first 2 weeks and after the first 30 days I had lost 8 lbs. Their system was so simple and easy to follow and it’s something I can use for the rest of my life.

I was never really a slim or petite person but I honestly think I am in the best shape of my life.

 I had been pretty athletic when I was younger and really had no problem staying in shape but I guess when I got to be 35 or so I wasn’t working out and just got into a lifestyle where I ate way too much and it really showed – I had gained a lot of weight. When I hit about 45 I tried almost every year at New Year’s time to commit to a program and lose the weight and every time I lost motivation and quit.

In 2005 my sister had told me about Brett @ BetterBodies fitness and how he specialized in people over 40 and I know she lost over 40 lbs with them. I called Brett and I started the following week.


Brett’s programs worked perfect and I lost over 39 lbs and I’m keeping the weight off. My photos say it all.

Jerry  Age 52




I had let myself go probably like most of us do when I started having kids and getting busy with life and over the years I had completely lost my figure and my energy wasn’t there anymore. I had tried every new year to resolve to lose weight and get fit again, it seemed every time I tried I would lose a few lbs and then stop!

I researched and interviewed with some personal trainers and then I came across Brett Yokley @ BetterBodies. I met with him and went through his assessment process and I felt comfortable knowing that his personal training programs were specific to people over 40. I signed up with BetterBodies and I am consistently losing my body fat on Brett’s program and am getting stronger and building muscle that has given shape to my body that I absolutely love!


I am so proud of how I look and feel and am very glad I met Brett.

  Ann  Age 44​



*there's no guarantee of specific results and your results may vary.*

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