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Why is BetterBodies a Smart Choice?

When you are over 40 losing weight and getting back in shape can get very frustrating. Your metabolism has slowed down and you have a lot less energy. Most people make new year's resolutions and promise themselves that "This year I will lose all my weight", only to fail and get disappointed again.

These are the series of events that happen to your body after your 40's.

  1. Hormone Decline results in loss of muscle tissue.

  2. Loss of muscle tissue results in a slower metabolism and less energy.

  3. Slower metabolism results in more accumulated bodyfat.


Most people already know that their metabolism is slower but they really don't understand why and what to do about it.

Your body's muscle is your metabolic machinery the key component in losing that accumulated bodyfat and getting fit is to re-gain some of that valuable muscle tissue which not only boosts your metabolism, it makes your body stronger and actually helps you burn more fat from all over your body. .

At BetterBodies we design your personal exercise plan to meet your specific fitness level and from there we challenge you progressively to ensure that you meet or exceed your goal.

Ask Yourself...Do the following questions sound familiar?

  • You are sick and tired feeling of bad about your weight and how you look.

  • You’ve tried other programs that didn't work for you…(because they weren’t for you).

  • You are way out of shape and feel intimidated and embarrassed to go into a big gym.

  • You tell yourself every year “I’m finally going to lose weight”…only to fail and be disappointed again.

  • You need the motivation, encouragement and accountability to stick to a fitness program.

  • You really don’t know where to start and what program will work for you.

  • You get home at the end of the day and “flop on the couch” because you have zero Energy.

  • You need an Expert that you can trust to motivate you and make sure you reach your goals.

If Yes, We might have exactly what you need!

Brett Yokley Personal Trainer

Brett and Giuliana Yokley are the proud owners of BetterBodies Fitness for over 18 yrs.

"Hiring the right personal trainer" can be the best decision you will ever make in achieving your fitness'll save valuable time in achieving your fitness and weight loss goals.

At BetterBodies from the moment you step through our door You'll know we are qualified, knowledgeable trainers and we will have you seeing results the very first week. 

*there's no guarantee of specific results and your results may vary.*

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