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Our process starts with your complimentary fitness evaluation which normally takes 30-40 minutes

Health History

Determine Current Fitness Level

Discuss Your Goals Create Your Program

Explain Program Discuss Solutions We Offer

Our personal training program is not a one-size-fits-all program. Each and every program is created specifically for your fitness level, your desired goals and your fitness ability (e.g., limited range of motion, joint pain, low back issues, sciatic nerve problems and other issues).

Tracking Your Progress.- Our main focus will be lowering your bodyfat %. We will check your bodyfat % every 4 weeks and record it in your personal progress report. We also check your exact weight every week and record this also. *If your bodyfat % is going down then your weight will follow.


Nutritional Counseling is included with all of our personal training programs with your trainer at no extra cost and we all know that the healthier you eat the healthier and more fit you will become.

Betterbodies is very private, clean and comfortable, no gym intimidation, never crowded. A great positive environment full of encouragement and motivation. Our clients love coming here and always leave feeling uplifted with a feeling of accomplishment.


​All the cardio equipment you will ever need... elliptical machines, treadmills and recumbent bikeCardio exercise helps you lose weight or maintain your current weight by burning those extra calories as an energy source, it also increases your heart strength and lung capacity and you will reduce your risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease as well as improved memory and cognitive function.










*there's no guarantee of specific results and your results may vary.*

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