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Updated: Jun 12

Hi, This is Brett Yokley and I have been a certified personal trainer for the past 40 years. I have helped thousands of clients to lose weight, regain their muscle and strength and improve their quality of life. I started Betterbodies Fitness back in 1983 in Scottsdale, Arizona where I am originally from. I moved to Marietta, GA in 1998 where I hired on with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) only to have a short 2 year contract. I opened BetterBodies Fitness here in Marietta, GA in 2001. I designed my gym to be Private, Comfortable and not too big as not to be crowded. Clients come to BetterBodies for our motivation, our nutrition programs and for some energetic workout sessions. I love what I do and get incredible satisfaction helping each and every person that comes to me for help.

I do specialize in people over 40. Why? people over 40 are the group of people that need it the most. Its harder to lose the lbs. they've put on over the years. Their metabolism is slower...they have less energy...they have less time available.

I fully understand the cause and effect relationship regarding slower metabolism and turning 35-40. There are a few key changes that you can make to rev-up your metabolism.

The purpose of this Blog is to give away some of my best fitness and health tips (advice). I have come to believe that being of service to people that need it is very fulfilling, after all I have 40 years of "boots on the ground" actual experience and if it just stays in my head then it doesn't do anybody any good.

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