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Listen to what our clients say

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Betterbodies Fitness is a Very Private, Personal Training Studio in Marietta. We have created a very unique, comfortable environment that is a clean, positive and friendly atmosphere. We give you the individual exercise guidance you need to prevent injury and to make sure you reach your fitness goal. We focus on each individual client and always respect and value the fact that you chose us to guide you to reach your goals. We have been successfully helping Women and Men lose weight & get in shape for over 18 years.

Private Gym. You can feel confident and safe knowing that we have created a private, comfortable atmosphere were you come in, get with your Personal Trainer for your workouts and not feel intimidated or embarrassed that comes from being in a big fitness gym. Your Personal Trainer focuses on you and always makes you feel welcome and valued. 


Personal 1-on-1 Training. Every minute is 100% focused on you. No waiting and no wasted time. Our goal is for every individual client to have a positive experience each and every workout. We will ensure that you will be doing the proper exercises with the correct form for faster, better results.


Custom Designed Personalized Programs. We design your personal exercise plan to fit you and your specific fitness level. We conduct a personal fitness evaluation and based upon the information gathered from you we design the perfect program designed to fit your needs and goals. 


We are Experienced Fitness Experts on the issues that so many people face after they turn 40 and they find out that getting back in shape isn't  as easy as it used to be. We will help you lose fat, regain lean muscle and strength and get energy back into your life. You'll not only look better, you'll feel better too.


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*there's no guarantee of specific results and your results may vary.*

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